KC&C: Leverage Big Data in all of its power with Elastic

YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix. All these companies have a critical aspect in common: they master the use of large amounts of data to improve their business processes. Does your company do that much?

Big Data: the future is at your doorstep

Who hasn’t heard this sentence: “Big Data is the future of business!”

Well, it's no longer only the future, it's officially our present!

Over the past two years, more data has been created than in the entire history of humanity: the quantification of information has transformed the world as we know it.

It's becoming more obvious day after day that learning to master the power of these large databases is now a critical success factor for any business.

In fact, if you do not take advantage of Big Data to minimize your costs and deepen your understanding of your customers, your competitors surely will!

What is Elastic, or Elasticsearch?

Elastic is a powerful search engine that you can implement to take control of your data like never before.

Its unparalleled power and versatility allow you to search, organize and manipulate your data with ease and confidentiality.

By centralizing the storage of your data, your information is available to you at all times, for optimal accessibility. Boost business performance, build better management tools, and access the full potential of your data by joining hands with KC&C's Elasticsearch experts.

What Elastic can do for your business : concrete usage examples

KC&C can help you leverage the tools of the Elastic suite in several practical usage cases, including:

  • Website searches
  • Visualization and analysis of geospatial data
  • Security analytics
  • Performance monitoring
  • Research, analysis and visualization of digital and textual data
  • Structured and unstructured data processing
  • And much more!

KC&C: The Expertise You Need to Implement Elastic in Your Business

With KC&C, gain valuable Elastic expertise and take advantage of the myriad utilities of Big Data.

Leverage your data like never before with the help of our professionals: KC&C puts the necessary structures in place to turn your databases into successful assets.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:


A powerful search engine that allows you to search your archives and databases in just a few clicks


Which allows you to aggregate your data and ensure proper processing


Allowing you to view and manage your data in a clear and concise manner


Which offers monitoring and signaling solutions ensuring the security of your data at all times

Ready to take control of your data?

Optimize your business processes today

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