Artificial intelligence

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A few years ago, artificial intelligence was just a concept of science fiction movies. Yet today, it is estimated that A.I's global software revenue will increase from US $9.5 billion in 2019 to more than US $118.6 billion in 2025.

Will your business also be benefiting from this growth? Discover our A.I solutions and power your company's technological development with KC&C.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a science which seeks to design machines that simulate human intelligence.

These new A.I technologies are specifically programmed to accomplish and automate various complex tasks and processes in a significantly faster and more efficient way.

Proven A.I integration

Whether you want to upgrade your existing technological assets by integrating them with A.I, or whether you wish to develop any new web and mobile software tailored for artificial intelligence, our experts can help you.

At KC&C, we combine expertise and customer service. We support your company through every step of the development of its products and services, while integrating proven A.I solutions.

Key artificial intelligence tools

Our team puts your needs and objectives at the center of your new artificial intelligence technologies’ deployment process.

Depending on your needs, integrating A.I into your software and web platforms can take many forms. We can develop A.I tools for a variety of functions:


Revolutionize the way your search engines collect, process and present information.


Equip yourself with the best prediction tools and get more accurate estimations every time.


Discover a new way to approach your decision-making problems with the help of state-of-the-art decision-making software.


Optimize and automate your text processing activities.

Image and video processing

Harness new revolutionary image recognition technologies.

Conversational Agent (Chatbot)

Optimize your customer service or offer new, more accessible services.


Use massive databases to provide your clients with the best recommendations.


Automate your translations through artificial intelligence, without resorting to a human translator.

And more!

Regardless of your industry, or the size of your business, our experts will know how to combine learning algorithms and Big Data in order to design the custom A.I solution you need to stand out in your market.

Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud

Deliver the most innovative technologies with a significant edge over your competitors by leveraging A.I's symbiotic relationship with the Cloud.

Opt for a cloud-based approach to developing your artificial intelligence software: at KC&C, we offer cloud integration with IaaS solutions from Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

Machine Learning: a self-learning technology in constant evolution

Minimize human intervention in the evolution of your technologies while always staying ahead of the competition: KC&C can help you develop machine learning models tailored to your A.I technologies.

Go even deeper with deep learning

Harness artificial intelligence in all of its power and leave your competition in the dust by investing in deep learning.

Our team has the skills and expertise to help you set up a custom artificial neural network architecture while implementing concepts from the latest scientific publications.

Artificial intelligence with KC&C

Innovation is at your doorstep

When you entrust your A.I solutions to KC&C, you get automatic access to:

  • A team of certified experts in artificial intelligence, ready to listen to your every need
  • A methodology in constant evolution
  • State-of-the-art services and methods
  • Pre-trained models and the transfer of knowledge from one model to another to optimize your resources and your time
  • Access to research centers to maximize your results
  • Easy integration with your custom web and mobile software
  • The use of computer languages and known libraries such as Python, Numpy, or Pytorch.

Ready to acquire the most advanced A.I technologies and position yourselves as leaders in your market thanks to KC&C?

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